Playing Legitimate Poker

There are several things you should take into consideration when signing up for a new poker site. First of all make sure they are legitimate, you can do this by checking their licence and seeing in which country they operate from. Poker sites running outside of the UK may be licensed by jurisdictions such as Malta. While poker sites operating in the UK such as bet365 who have a UK gambling licence. This means they must adhere to strict regulations and laws making it a very safe place for users to play ar. Even if you do not live in the UK it is still advisable to choose a site located in the country or at least licensed by the UK gambling commission. These sites are far more likely to be legitimate and will always pay out on time and barely.

If you are based in the USA then your options are far more restricted. There are a few states which have legal online poker such as Nevada or New York. The amount poker site you can play at even within a legal jurisdiction are severely limited and there are only a few poker sites running throughout the country. This gives poker sites a monopoly over players which is never a good thing. This means they can charge whatever rake they wish and give very little in the way of bonuses. Party poker operate in New York state and operates some of the worst software going.

Another thing to check when signing up is their social media accounts. You should check to see if they have an active Facebook page as well as Twitter accounts. Check to see the replies and comments on their posts to make sure that players are happy. On Facebook for example, players can leave feedback and rate the sites. If a poker site has lots of fake followers or followers and likes from a country such as India or China where they can purchase them cheaply¬† is a sure sign that they are not very legitimate. If they don’t have a social media account at all then this is a very bad sign as in 2015 it is pretty much necessary for any legitimate room to have an online social media presence. Last but not least check the support options and give them a phone call. Make sure they answer the phone with a English-speaking rep. Also give the live support and email a run for its money see how long it takes for them to reply.

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